Update on Event Selection

Event Plausibility

  • MC Plausibility
    • Default plausibility means that underlying truth is likely something to be rejected by standard Minos
  • Match CC analysis
  • Does this event carry a reco object with a BadObject flag?
    • If there is a BadObject in the event, do NOT reconstruct

Vertex Reconstruction

  • Require vertex analyzability so that we don’t run as much reco
    • Analyzable Volume (Vertex Must be inside this volume before running AnchoredShortTracks )
      • m_recoHexApothem = 1000.0*CLHEP::mm;
      • m_recoUpStreamZ = 5750.0*CLHEP::mm;
      • m_recoDownStreamZ = 8700.0*CLHEP::mm;
  • Using m_ccPionIncUtils->makeShortTracks(event) to create vertex-anchored short track Prongs
    • This method refits vertex
  • Require vertex to be in fiducial volume
    • If MC Event
      • Smear the vertex position by 1mm 1mm 10mm, then record whether the smeared vertex passes the fiducial volume cut
    • Fiducial Volume (Same as before)
      • m_fidHexApothem = 850.0*CLHEP::mm;
      • m_fidUpStreamZ = 5990.0*CLHEP::mm; // ~middle of module 27, plane 1
      • m_fidDownStreamZ = 8340.0*CLHEP::mm; // ~middle of module 79, plane 1