• After including the following functions the package does NOT have a complete structure to run with ProcessAna.py
  • interpretEvent() must be modified accordingly

Michel Tool

  • Brandon’s CCPionInc Package have a very detailed Michel Study
  • Vertex Michel: Look for Michels near vertex
  • End Point Michel: Look for Michels at the end point of short prongs.
  • MAKE CUT – Vertex and End Point Michels
  • My current plan is selecting my signal only. I will deal with background studies later.

Other Reconstructed Values

  • Determine vertex have a broken track
  • Get total visible energy in PhysicsEvent
  • Count long and short tracks in the event
  • Calculate dead time
  • Get event time

Plan for Proton Reconstruction

  1. Check all prongs except Muon for End Point Michel
  2. If a prong has End Point Michel, CUT that event
  3. If the event survives the end point Michel: Create particles from prongs using proton and pion hypotheses
  4. Mark the prong with highest proton score as PrimaryProton
  5. Calculate and Record its kinematics under proton hypothesis
  6. Add truth match!