UROC: Deborah Harris

MINERvA Software Authorization

  • Fixed .k5login entry for special kerberos principal. (Forgot to add principal with @FNAL.GOV)

MINOS RMS Insallation

  • Installed the version we use at Tufts – Contains modified rms.sh
  • Configurations as in wiki, used port 22
  • 2 Missing Libraries Installed
    • libjpeg62
    • libungif-bin
  • Fixed .k5login on minos-gateway-nd.fnal.gov with connecting using Tufts UROC. (Forgot to add principal with @FNAL.GOV)\
  • After some connection trials with different ports I started to get the following ERROR on Debbie’s and Tufts Uroc
    • Socket Server = localhost:19123
    • channel 2: open failed: connect failed: Connection refused
    • HistoDisplay: ERROR: Socket->Receive failed. resRecv = -1.
    • ==> Closing the socket connection..
    •  ==> Please open again.
    • Failed to get ConsumerInfo

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