IP Change Problem

  • Message from Nathaniel indicating a problem with their networking infrastructure
    • “Reverse-IP lookup on our computer now returns a completely different IP address.  I have no idea what’s causing it.”
    • “SSH-ing directly into our nominal address works fine… but our outbound connections look like they’re coming from!”
  • Otterbein University IT Department investigating the incident

UROC: Otterbein

  • RunControl Version Problem fixed by using older tag: “oaltinok_2014_04_11”
  • Updated “UROC_User_Details” for Otterbein University

Connection Problem

  • Otterbein UROC had problems connecting to all of the mnvonline machines.
  • Jeremy and I investigated the problem and find out the following
    • The Otterbein UROC hostname(photon.otterbein.edu) was not resolved from their Static IP address(
    • We added their Static IP address in addition to their hostname to the etc/hosts.allow
    • I suspect it is because they are using Ubuntu 14.04
  • Problem resolved

UROC: Otterbein

  • Modified UROC_user_details.xls
  • Included Special Kerberos Principal on required machines
  • E-mailed Carrie for modification of etc/hosts.allow
  • New Service ticket for ACL modification
  • mnvdaqrunscripts/install.sh modified with Otterbein hostname
  • mnvruncontrol/port_assignments.txt assigned new poart for Otterbein
  • UROC_sw_Manager.py Updated but it caused a problem due to a conflict on latest version of mnvruncontrol
  • Contacted with Jeremy, he will commit the lastest working version of runcontrol and let me know.