USM UROC mnvonline03 Connection Problem


  • USM UROC, cannot connect mnvonline03 via RunControl GUI

Troubleshooting and Solution

  • Tried connecting manually with ssh command
    • Same result
  • Error: No Route to Host even they can ping or traceroute the server
  • Contacted Fermilab Service Desk and opened a new ticket as incident
  • Problem solved once Network Services updated the ACL router to accept hostname as
  • This is a temporary solution, we need to find a way to generate constant hostname everytime


  • Connection Problems Started 12/02/2013
  • Seems no problems with Minerva and Minos Software
  • Contacted Fermilab IT -> It is OK
  • Suggested them to contact with their local IT -> Possible problem with networking or SSH Settings.
  • Problem seems to be solved. Possible Networking problem between Chile and Fermilab