Dec 212013

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Clinical Medical Student Electives program for international students is fully subscribed for the 2014 spring and fall terms and we are no longer accepting applications. Please check back periodically on the Visiting Student Program section of the TUSM Registrar’s web page for additional updates.

In addition, Clinical Observership programs for international medical graduates have been terminated. Observerships for international visiting physicians actively engaged in clinical practice remain available.

  6 Responses to “Student electives, observership programs terminated”

  1. As you said the elective not available in fall and spring
    When can I apply for elective in month of June?
    Iam from Saudi Arabia

  2. Hello! Could you please tell me when the application process will begin for students who wish to do electives in Jan 2015? Thank you!!

  3. Hello
    I wanted to enquire whether there is any vacancy available for a clinical elective for an international student such as myself at Tufts SOM in the summer of 2014.
    Also whether any vacancy might be available in the spring 2014 session against any cancellation.
    I am in my final year of medical school & from India.

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