Consent in Sexy: Tufts students speak-out

Post by Alison Williams

Tufts students at the recent Sex Fair answered questions about consent – how to do it and why to do. The summary: consent is sexy. Highlights from their responses include…

How do you feel when someone asks for your consent?

  • I feel respected! Like wonder woman!
  • I feel like they’re a nice person. It’s more of a turn-on
  • Sexy!
  • Safe, respected
  • I feel fully comfortable
  • Respected
  • Valued and loved

What are some sexy ways to ask for consent?

  • Hey, are you okay with me rocking your world tonight?
  • Sexy can I?
  • Baby are you tryna ride my love train to FUNKYTOWN?
  • Wanna make a mango, guava smoothie tonight, baby?
  • You put the sensual into consensual sex
  • Do you feel comfortable?
  • Would it be okay if I give you the best pleasure you’ve ever experienced?

Why is consent important?

  • Consent is so important. Sex is zero fun without consent!
  • Consent is important because it’s part of a healthy relationship
  • It’s a way to show it’s more than physical
  • It shows you care

How do you answer these questions? Send in your thoughts by commenting!

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