Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013...6:56 pm

Healthy Fast Food

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Grist reported earlier this week that the fast food industry is turning more and more towards fresh and healthy foods:

Fast food companies understand that Bad Fast Food might be approaching its expiration date. Rather than clinging ever tighter to their fattening products like Coca Cola did, they’re remixing them.

As one of the main arguing points of alternative food system advocates, it will be interesting to see if this shift towards healthy helps or hurts the food movement. Fast food restaurants are products of the same industrialization that gave rise to the environmentally exploitative and harmful practices of industrial agriculture that supplies these restaurants. If these restaurants are acknowledging that their products are, in some way, unhealthy, does this give strength to the arguments of the food movement?

Or does the fact that the industrial food system seems to be “leaking” into the realm of the food movement undercut the movement’s effectiveness and ability to mobilize people based on a growing interest in eating healthier?

Watching what happens may further our understanding of the ways we categorize our food and eating habits.

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