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Preview of the PBS special based off Michael Pollan’s book by the same name.


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Barlett examines the role of campuses in testing alternative food system designs. She looks at purchasing goals, academic programs, direct marketing, and experiential learning as the tools that campuses are using to integrate different approaches to food into the campus experience, and the impact these efforts are having.


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A news site for critical thought concerning food, the sustainable food movement, and food justice.


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The official web page for the CIW. Includes links to the Fair Food Program, pictures and reports from the March for Rights, Respect, and Fair Food, and more information about the group and their work.


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Eben Kirksey’s Vimeo page. Includes videos featuring Donna Haraway and Anna Tsing.

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A cool mock-shopping website from geographer Ian Cook that helps consumers find documentaries, books, and more that detail how their products are created, distributed, and consumed.


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A navigable map tool from the USDA showing areas that have been designated “food deserts.” Designed to disperse information and be a resource for community planners. Accompanying pages explain the rationale for the map and define the term “food desert.”


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An impassioned call for people to join the Food Freedom Movement. Includes an ordinance declaring the right to make food choices.


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An entertaining non-profit news site on environmental issues including food.


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A good overview of the debates surrounding the labeling of genetically modified or engineered foods.


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The website of a vegan-turned-hunter. Includes blog posts and videos.


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A website from a W&L journalism course compiling information about hunger in Rockbridge County, including video interviews with community members and analyses of programs like food stamps as they happen in Rockbridge.


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An article looking at the plan of former Trader Joe’s president, Doug Rauch, to open up a store selling expired food in the Dorchester area.


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Census information about Rockbridge County, Virginia. Links to other regional census information if you want to know more about your own area!


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Articles from food writer, Steve Holt, who takes a sometime critical but often helpful look at a lot of the things going on in the food movement and in our food system.


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Contains many cool infographics relating to food.


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