Treebanking Workflows

Alpheios Integration

Prototype for Fall 2013 Leipzig Students

  1. Student access to the system will be through links from a static page similar to
  2. Instead of bringing them to a shared Alpheios server environment, the link will bring them to Perseids and the student will need to login and/or create an account. After login, the user will see a sentence list for the corresponding section of the text (i.e. per the link).
  3. Clicking on a sentence from that list will bring the user to the Alpheios editor for the sentence. The user can then edit and navigate as usual in Alpheios.
  4. Clicking on the Save button in the Alpheios editor will save the sentence Perseids rather than to the shared Alpheios server.
  5. Users will be able to submit what they complete to a board for review – for now this will be a single board for all treebank files. Eventually we will be able to setup separate review communities, but this isn’t ready yet. The review process will also be clunky – we may have to ask the students to identify in the comments the ids of the sentences they edited because the full treebank files will be submitted even if they only edited one or two sentences. (This will be resolved in a future version of the software but not in time for your class).