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Special Topics: Computational Physics

Computational methods are of ever increasing importance, playing a key role in many frontiers of physics from galaxy formation at the largest length scales to making accurate simulations of complex materials and modeling the subatomic realm. Students in this class will learn to formulate physics problems in a manner suitable for computation, select or devise an appropriate algorithm, implement maintainable programs and visualize and interpret the results from both a numerical and physics perspective. They will learn these skills through a novel project based approach by solving a variety of problems connected to other physics classes and research.

This class welcomes both undergraduate and graduate students. Undergraduate students should have taken Physics 13 and one class in Physics numbered above 13 as well as Comp 11 or Math 50 or be able to demonstrate equivalent programming experience. Graduate students should enroll in 194 and will be expect to complete a more substantial final project. All prospective students must register with the instructor’s permission. Priority will be given to junior and senior students.