Astronomy & Astrophysics

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Lang Lang, Kenneth R., Professor
Ph.D., Stanford, 1969
ken.lang 312D 7-3390
Danilo Marchesini, Danilo, Associate Professor
Ph.D., SISSA, Trieste, 2004
Astronomy, astrophysics
danilo.marchesini 312E 7-2756
No Picture Available Mumford, George S., Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Virginia, 1954
Astronomy, astrophysics
n/a n/a n/a
sajina Sajina, Anna, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., British Columbia, 2006
Astronomy, astrophysics
anna.sajina 312F 7-5354
Willson Willson, Robert, Senior Lecturer
Ph.D., Tufts, 1979
rob.willson n/a 7-0599

Condensed Matter Physics

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Tim Atherton, Timothy, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., University of Exeter, 2007
Theoretical condensed matter physics
timothy.atherton 412L 7-2835
Photo_2016_PeggyCebe_ForWebsite Cebe, Peggy, Professor
Ph.D., Cornell, 1984
Experimental condensed matter
polymer physics
The Cebe Research Group
peggy.cebe 412J 7-3365
Gunther Gunther, Leon, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., MIT, 1964
Theory of condensed matter
l.gunther 412B 7-5361
Peter02 Love, Peter, Associate Professor
D.Phil, Oxford, 2001
Quantum information, computational physics 412A 7-1065
No Picture Available Shapira, Yaacov, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., MIT, 1964
Experimental solid state physics
yaacov.shapira n/a n/a
Staii Staii, Cristian, Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2005
Experimental condensed matter physics
cristian.staii 412M 7-5368
Tobin Tobin, Roger G., Professor, Chair
Ph.D., Berkeley, 1985
Experimental condensed matter physics
roger.tobin 412H 7-5461

General Relativity and Cosmology

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Ford Ford, Larry, Professor
Ph.D., Princeton, 1974
Cosmology, general relativity, astrophysics
ford 304D 7-5356
Mark02 Hertzberg, Mark, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., MIT, 2010
Cosmology, particle physics, astrophysics
mark.hertzberg @ 304A 7-1112
Olum Olum, Ken D., Research Professor
Ph.D., MIT, 1997
General relativity and cosmology, quantum field theory
kdo 304B 7-2753
Vilenkin Vilenkin, Alexander, Professor,
L. and J. Bernstein Chair in Evolutionary Science
Ph.D., SUNY, Buffalo, 1977
Cosmology, general relativity, astrophysics
vilenkin 304C 7-3147

Elementary Particle Physics

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Hugo02 Beauchemin, Pierre-Hugues, Assistant Professor
Ph.D., McGill University, 2005
Experimental high-energy physics
Pierre-Hugues.Beauchemin 406D 7-2968
Gallagher Gallagher, Hugh, Associate Professor
Ph.D., Minnesota, 1996
Experimental high-energy physics
hugh.gallagher 412G 7-5876
Goldstein Goldstein, Gary, Professor
Ph.D., Chicago, 1968
Theoretical high-energy physics
gary.goldstein @ 412E 7-3591
No Picture Available Kafka, Tomas, Research Professor (Retired)
Ph.D., SUNY, Stony Brook, 1975
Experimental high-energy physics
kafka @ 412C n/a
Mann Mann, W. Anthony, Professor
Ph.D., Massachusetts, 1970
Experimental high-energy physics
anthony.mann 406E 7-3373
No Picture Available Milburn, Richard H., Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Harvard, 1954
Experimental particle physics
n/a n/a n/a
Napier Napier, Austin, Professor
Ph.D., MIT, 1979
Experimental high-energy physics
anapier 412F 7-3009
Oliver Oliver, William, Professor, Director of Graduate Studies
Ph.D., Berkeley, 1969
Experimental high-energy physics
william.oliver 406C 7-5364
Schneps Schneps, Jacob, Professor Emeritus
Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1956
Experimental high-energy physics
jschneps 412C 7-3374
Sliwa Sliwa, Krzysztof, Professor
Ph.D., Jagiellonian, Institute of Nuclear Physics, 1980
Experimental high-energy physics
krzysztof.sliwa 406F 7-3332

Optical Physics

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Omenetto Omenetto, Fiorenzo, Adjunct Professor
Ph.D., Universita’ di Pavia, 1997
Biomedical engineering, optical physics
fiorenzo.omenetto STC 241 7-4972

Physics Education

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Hammer Hammer, David, Professor
Ph.D., Berkeley 1991
Education, science education
david.hammer Paige 204 7-2396


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Boghosian Boghosian, Bruce, Professor of Mathematics
Ph.D., California – Davis
Mathematics, quantum computing, fluid dynamics
bruce.boghosian Bromfield-Pearson 7-3054
Sokolov Sokolov, Igor, Adjunct Professor
Ph.D., The Mendeleev Institute of Metrology (the Russian NIST), 1991
Mechanical Engineering, Bio-Medical Engineering
Igor.Sokolov n/a 7-2548
image007 Vandervelde, Thomas, Adjunct Associate Professor
Ph.D., University of Virginia
of Electrical and Computer Engineering, School of Engineering
tvanderv @ n/a 7-3217