During their senior year, students who have met certain qualifications may complete and receive credit for a Senior Honors Thesis, which:

  • Is a year-long project (1 credit per semester  for two consecutive semesters).
  • Must be registered through your major department. Your department must  approve of your intent to write a thesis.  (Alternatively, you may undertake an  *interdisciplinary* Senior Thesis or Senior Honors  Thesis through the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies)
  • Must be supervised and approved by a committee of  two Tufts professors.  Your committee chair must be  from your department and a full-time faculty  member.   The second reader may be from either the  same or different department.  A third reader is  also possible, but not required.  The third reader  may be from Tufts, another institution or from  outside academia.
  • Must be defended when you complete  it. (The defense is a formal presentation of your  thesis, followed by a discussion of it with your  committee. All committee members must be  present at the defense).
  • Must be put in Tufts Archives when  you have completed it.

To learn more, speak with your advisor.

As well, Tufts University Academic Resource Center offers a wealth of information to students planning a Senior Honors Thesis. For more information, visit http://uss.tufts.edu/arc/writingresources/thesis.asp.