Attending another university was a fantastic experience!

Tufts University has been offering foreign study programs for four decades, and at present offers ten undergraduate programs for juniors and seniors to study in Chile, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Madrid, Oxford, Paris, and Tübingen,  Germany. Non-Tufts students may be admitted provided that there is space available. In all programs, students attend the designated college or university. Integration into a foreign university and the cultural and social life of the host country is the aim of Tufts Programs Abroad.

…As a science major, it is still possible to study abroad.

Students who wish to study abroad should begin planning early in their academic careers in order to meet the various language and course prerequisites. The programs are organized to encourage students to continue their study of the language, culture, and civilization of the host country at the same time that they are completing course requirements for their majors. Majors in all departments are welcome to apply.

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“The spring of my junior year, I attended the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. I was able to take physics classes with foreign students and professors. Attending another university was a fantastic experience. I got to see the differences in teaching styles between Tufts and the UK, and work closely with foreign students. Even taking physics classes, I still had time to travel around Europe. As a science major, it is still possible to study abroad. By discussing my course options with the Tufts physics department before my departure, all my credits transferred to my major.”  ~Lauren Wielgus (’11)