Kim Ruane

_MG_7429_1Kim is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at Tufts University. Her main area of mathematics research is geometric group theory and she has been teaching college-level mathematics for 20 years. She earned her Masters and Ph.D. from Florida State University, where her passion for teaching began. She has taught courses at all levels at Tufts since 2000, and enjoys the challenge of working with students in a wide variety of courses, from her famous introductory-level “Financial Math” course through advanced graduate level courses. Kim has been voted “Math Professor of the Year” and was chosen from among the entire Tufts University faculty to receive the “UNITE” award for excellence in teaching.

Kim has collaborated with faculty in the Education department for many years, including co-teaching of a summer course where many of the ideas for the Poincaré courses originated. Kim’s ability to teach coupled with her expertise in mathematics brings many strengths to the Institute. As a teacher of teachers, Kim aims to help teacher improve their confidence in the mathematics that they teach in order to positively affect the way in which teachers shape and develop their students’ attitude about mathematics.