Pollinator Safari

Join Tufts Pollinator Initiative experts for a guided pollinator safari. We will spy tiny herbivores grazing on leaves, watch fierce predators hunting prey, and witness the spectacle of animal migration…all in the middle of the city. Safaris are suitable for all ages, and everyone will get a chance to get up close with our gentle urban pollinators. We hold regular pollinator safaris throughout the year, and in a variety of locations–we hope you can make it!

If you are interested in bringing a TPI Pollinator Safari to your garden, park, or club please get in touch!

Upcoming Safaris

2022 Pollinator Safari season has concluded. Thank you all for such an amazing season, and see you in 2023 for more safaris.

In 2022, we hosted 10 safari for more than 300 community members and saw 53 species of pollinators across all the safaris. In most safaris we glimpsed at least one of each of the Big 5: bees, butterflies, hover flies, wasps, and beetles!

Past Safaris

Click on the links below to view a report of the pollinators we saw on select safaris!