Welcome to the Finance training page!

Instructor-led classes, policy training, training guides, web based tutorials and videos exist for all systems and processes owned by the Finance Division. For a complete list of courses please visit the Finance page of The Learning Center, or you may contact Carol Liedes at (617) 627-5190 or

** The courses pertaining to Grant Management can also be found on the Finance page of The Learning Center,


Training Course Purpose of Course Style Where to Find
CEA Processing a Capital Expenditure Authorization Training Guide
Data Warehouse To learn how to access and interpret financial reports for deptids, grants and projects. Training Guide and Videos (2) Data Warehouse Training videos: http://learncenter.uit.tufts.eduData Warehouse Tip Sheet
e-Expense Provides instruction on how to use the e-Expense system for travel and business expense reimbursement Training Guide and Videos (2) Videos at The Learning Center Training Guide available at
e-REQ The e-REQ system is used to purchase goods & services when the order is greater than $5000 or when a supplier does not accept a credit card. Web Based Tutorials The Learning Center
Tufts Marketplace Guides a user how to use the online shopping tool for participating suppliers. Web Based Tutorial The Learning Center