Inclusive Justice: Human Security as an Integral Element of Global Justice, 2013

PraxisCover_HiResIn its twenty-eighth edition, PRAXIS focuses on different facets of inclusive global justice, with authors investigating human-centric mechanisms of transitional justice, peace processes, and international development. Articles include Tools of Change: Long-Term Inclusion in Peace Processes, Toward a Child Oriented Approach to Reparations, The International Criminal Court as a Human Security Agent, and Well-Being Economics and Buen Vivir: Development Alternatives for Inclusive Human Security.


New Approaches to International Development, 20122012 Front Cover

In its twenty-seventh edition, PRAXIS focuses on New Approaches to International Development by providing a timely compilation of articles that review the implications of these new trends on individuals and provide prescriptions for the way forward. Articles include China in Africa: What the Policy of Nonintervention Adds to the Western Development DilemmaArguments for a Rights-based Approach to Land Tenure Reform, and The Role of Crowdsourcing for Better Governance in International Development. 


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