TUPDS is a resource for Tufts students who are considering a career in dentistry. 

We provide pre-dental students with:

Admissions advice
Dental related volunteer opportunities
Early assurance program information
Social events with current dental students
Guest lectures from practicing dentists
Opportunities to meet fellow pre-dental students


Stay up to date with our latest events and meetings by joining our official Tufts affiliated Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TUPDS2016/

E-mail this address to request to join: TUPDS2016@groups.facebook.com


Executive board members to contact for more information:

Presidents: Janemary.Okafor@tufts.edu & Lily.Razavi@tufts.edu
Vice-President: Jennifer.Duffy@tufts.edu
Treasurer: Amrutha.Chintalapudi@tufts.edu
Public Relations: Gina.Kim@tufts.edu
Health-Club Liaison: Nelson.Zhang@tufts.edu


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