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Participate in a dental program to get a better idea of what sort of work you’ll be doing in dental school. You’ll have fun, too!

Getting Into Dental School
Gaining admission to a dental school can be a very long and stressful process, but there are several things you can do to make yourself a competitive applicant.
Have a positive attitude! This will help you get through courses at Tufts, make lasting contacts at summer programs, and do well in a dental school interview.
Be punctual! First impressions are very important. Be on time to events at the Dental School, for meetings with professors or dentists, and for an interview.
Get involved in extracurriculars! It is important to have a life outside of science courses and dental programs, and fun clubs or societies that you are a part of will help to convey your personality to an admissions committee.
Get your name out there! Meet professors at the dental school, or dentists who can write you recommendations and/or give you advice. Try and get published in the Tufts Daily or TuftScope, a great scientific publication on campus.
Courses to Take
Specific requirements for dental school can vary from school to school; however, virtually all require at least two semesters each of:
Biology (Biology 3 or 13 & 14, offered each fall and spring respectively), and many schools require additional biology coursework beyond these two introductory courses
General Chemistry (Chemistry 1 & 2, offered each fall and each ) spring, as well as the summer OR Chemistry 11 & 12; Chemistry 16 is another alternative for the first semester of chemistry, offered each spring)
Organic Chemistry (Chemistry 51/53 & 52/54, offered each fall and spring respectively as well as the summer)
Physics (Physics 1 & 2, offered each fall and spring respectively as well as summer OR 11 & 12, offered each fall and each spring)
English (2 courses)
A very small number of schools require Biochemistry (Tufts Dental School being one of them)
Many schools strongly recommend students to take social science courses such as Sociology, Psychology, or Anthropology.
Other Requirements
Take the DAT
While pre-dental requirements are virtually the same as premedical, the DAT does not test physics but rather has a section on perceptual ability. Students can take the DAT anytime of year, since it is computerized. Typically students with a 3.1/3.2 GPA and a 18 academic average on the DAT are viable dental school applicants.

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