NEW Pain Research, Eduction and Policy Program Journal Club

March 8, 2015

The Pain Research, Education and Policy (PREP) Program is pleased to announce the launch of its new Journal Club which will focus on academic literature related to the complex nature of pain. The first meeting of the PREP Journal Club will be on Sunday March 8 simultaneously held onsite at on the Tufts Health Sciences Campus in Boston and through video capability for those off-site. The Journal Club is open to faculty, students, alumni and those with an interest the topic of pain in our society. The journal article selected for this month can be found in the Dec 2014 issue of the Journal of Pain (Gereau RW IV. Sluka KA. Maixner W. Savage SR. Price TJ. Murinson BB. Sullivan MD. Fillingim RB. A Pain Research Agenda for the 21st Century. Journal of Pain, Vol 15, No 12 (December), 2014: pp 1203-1214)

“For those unfamiliar with journal clubs, these are regular meeting of individuals in a specific field which are held with the purpose to critically evaluate recent pertinent academic journal articles. They are used by academicians and clinicians, but have also been used in clinical training programs in graduate and professional education. Journal Clubs provide a means through which students/trainees become more familiar with their new field’s recent and evolving literature, and help to improve skills in understanding and analyzing current topics in the field. They tend to be stimulating and fun, engaging us intellectually and socially. One or two participants take responsibility for a session, and present one to several articles; others join in by further analyzing and critiquing the article.” explained Dr. Libby Bradshaw when describing the format of the new PREP journal club.

For those interested in joining in the PREP Journal Club in the future, please contact Dr. Bradshaw at for a link to the current journal club article and log in instructions to join in the discussion.

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