American Society of Pain Educators

by Meridith Lawrence, MS-PREP ’04
Great to see this blog! I wanted to let the PREP community know about an exciting development in the pain education world.
The American Society of Pain Educators(
has recently given the first ever exam for certification to become a pain educator. This is similar to certified diabetes educators (CDE)
and once you meet the criteria and pass the exam you will be able to use the initials CPE after your name.Sixty people took the first exam and most passed.
ASPE also holds a conference every year in Las Vegas called PAINWEEK
in the week right after Labor Day. I have been to the conference twice and it is excellent!
If anyone is intwerested in anything I have mentioned and you have questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with me.
I graduated from the PREP program in 2004 and currently work for the Cambridge Health Alliance as a senior staff pharmacist
in Cambridge,MA. I am able to use my education from the PREP progam every day and that is very gratifying!

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