Attending Local Conferences and Seminars: Financial Help for Students is Available

by Lisa Neal Gualtieri, PhD, Adjunct Clinical Professor, Tufts University School of Medicine and Pamela Ressler, RN, BSN, HN-BC, MS-PREP student and PREP-AIRED blog moderator
We went to the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council meeting in June on Healthcare & Social Media: Don’t Do It Alone – How to Leverage Social Media to Power Behavior Change . It was a fascinating session that included an excellent presentation by Dan Pallestant, MD, founder and CEO of Sermo, the best known physician online community. But the point here is not the seminar itself, but that there any many conferences and seminars in Boston on healthcare and attending them takes a committment of both time and money. The time issue comes down to a determination of how beneficial the content or the networking will be. The cost issue is one where there is help. Stay In MA is designed to support students’ attending local conferences and seminars and the application process has a quick turnaround. We recommend you try it the next time you see an announcement.

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