Friday, 1 of July of 2016

Second Meeting Agenda

Our second meeting is Friday, February 10th at 3:15 in the Atrium Room in TAB (the Tufts Administration Building).

Here’s our agenda:

  • Introductions – everyone gets to say “Hi”.
  • Tufts Systems Infrastructure – 15 minutes.  Last year the infrastructure staff build a new data center and made a big move to virtualization.  We’ll get a recap.
  • Tufts Information Infrastructure – 20 minutes.  Tufts corporate and SIS systems are based on PeopleSoft.  Erol Irez will give an overview and review the schedule for the new SIS.
  • Mobile – Technical staff in many different groups are looking at mobile technologies.  Bill Sivret will demo work from his group based on ModoLabs Kurogo.  We’ll discuss what others are doing and where we might collaborate.
  • Search 15 minutes – Steve McDonald will present Solr/Lucene, an open source search framework.  Increasingly, our solutions need to provide search.  Modern search solutions aren’t based on data in SQL tables.  Instead they use specialized search technologies, Solr/Lucene is the leading open source solution.
  • Future Directions – What are people interested in?  What problems will you face over the next year that might benefit from collaboration.