Wednesday, 29 of June of 2016

CS Course Previews

Interested in learning more about Spring courses from the CS department? Ming Chow sent out this announcement:

The Spring 2013 Courses Preview will be on Monday, October 29th from 12 – 1:30 PM in Halligan 111A. Professors will speak for 5 minutes about the course(s) they will be teaching in the spring (what interesting topics / problems will be covered, what the class expectations will be, etc.). Graduate and undergraduate registration will begin on Monday, November 5th. Pizza will be served!

The format of the event:

* Each professor will speak for 5 minutes maximum (on all the courses he/she will be teaching)
* Ming will be timekeeping the event as some professors have commitments at 1:30 PM
* No Q&A with the professors. Should any student have questions regarding a course, contact the respective professor.
* The first 50 minutes will be reserved for the professors speaking. The remainder of the time will be for the students to talk among themselves about the courses WITHOUT the professors in the room. The event ends at 1:30.

If you haven’t taken a course, this would be a great way to get a feel for the professors. This will also be the best time to learn about “special topic” courses. These courses are often only offered once and are based on some new interest of a professor or by a Visiting Scholar. This semester’s special topics included the head of the W3C’s Architecture Working Group teaching “Internet Scale Distributed Systems” as well as other faculty teaching “Finding and Fixing Software Bugs”, “Applied Functional Programming” and “Computational Models in Cognition”.