Sunday, 26 of June of 2016

Michael on Authentication

There are two items that could benefit us in UIT – federated services use cases and Shibboleth test participants.

As I talked about in my presentation, we think there’s an opportunity to provide better guidance regarding the authentication services that are offered to the University and how to make use of these services. We are currently compiling documentation that can be used by service/application owners when deciding the best authentication method for their users. To that extent, we’re hoping you can help us in the following:
1. Review the documentation we’ve put together so far to ensure its usefulness – especially the sections that explain how to bind to the authentication services.
2. Be willing to meet with me if you have previously created a bind to one of our directories so that we may capture that use case in our documentation.

The other topic I discussed was the proof of concept testing of Shibboleth – especially in regards to single sign-on. We’re looking for application owners who would be willing to “Shibbolize” their systems in a test environment. We can provide technical guidance and support for the installation of the libraries, etc.

Please contact me directly at or 7-5090 if you would be willing to participate in any of the above activities.

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