At Your Service

The Pain Consultation and Referral Service (PCRS) at the FHSA offers a multidisciplinary approach to pain, blending the expertise of anesthesiologists, surgeons, oncologists, neurologists, and complementary medicine practitioners. This close collaboration allows us to offer treatment options that are tailored to the individual patient. They may include a blending of traditional and non-conventional new analgesic drug regimens and palliative care.

Patients who may benefit from a consultation at the PCRS include those suffering from osteoarthritis, prolonged post-surgical pain, major trauma, terminal disease (cancer, organ failure) or any other condition in which pain significantly impairs quality of life. Our pain specialists conduct research, publish and deliver continuing education on a broad range of topics.

For surgical patients, the initial pain regimen is devised by one of our anesthesiologists:

Our inpatients with difficult to control pain  also have access to consultations with  these clinicians.

Outpatients with preexisting major pain complaints can be seen by referral to Dr. Alicia Karas. Appointments are  available on most Fridays. Initial consultations require at least 1 – 1.5 hours, and follow-up care is conducted in cooperation with the primary care veterinarian. If travel distance is problematic for the pet,  phone consultations can be arranged. For appointments, call the Pain Service liaison, Kelly Reed, at (508) 839-5395