At Your Service

Tufts’ Clinical Oncology Team

The clinical oncology service is comprised of veterinary oncologists, residents and technicians that work together as a team.  The oncology service works closely with the surgery service, which has expertise in surgical oncology, as well as with pathology, diagnostic imaging, interventional radiology, and the pain clinic.  Through the collaboration with these and other specialty services throughout the hospital, we are able to offer a broad range of options for owners of companion animals with cancer.

As a member of the National Cancer institute’s Comparative Oncology Trials Consortium, as well as through independent studies and collaboration with other veterinary and biomedical institutions, the oncology service is able to offer investigational therapies in addition to conventional treatment.

The oncology service boasts a 6 MV Siemens linear accelerator with 2-16 MeV electrons, a multileaf collimator, and intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) capabilities.  In addition, strontium 90 plesiotherapy is offered, allowing for wide breadth of radiation therapy options.

The oncology service typically accepts new patients with a confirmed diagnosis of cancer.  This allows us to provide clients with a full array of staging and treatment options on their initial visit.  We recognize that circumstances arise in which an oncology consultation is valuable before a diagnosis is made, and we encourage veterinarians to call us about these cases to facilitate a referral.

Even when pet owners are uncertain whether they wish to pursue treatment for their pets with cancer, we encourage referrals to address their questions regarding anticipated course of the disease, treatment options and palliative care.    New appointments are seen Monday through Thursday and the fee for the initial consultation is $170.  The oncology clinicians also are glad to provide telephone consultations to veterinarians (free of charge) regarding general information on cancer management.  Estimated charges for radiation therapy range from $2500-3000 for palliative therapy and $4500-5000 for definitive therapy.  The cost of chemotherapy protocols vary according to the treatment type but generally range from $1500-4500 for treatment spanning 4-6 months.

Medical Oncology Faculty

Dr. Lisa Barber
Dr. Kristine Burgess

Radiation Oncology Faculty

Dr. Michele Keyerleber
Dr. Elizabeth McNiel

Oncology Residents

Dr. Carrie DeRegis
Dr. Chantal Tu
Dr. Naoko Sogame
Dr. Bryan Marker

Oncology Technicians

Amy Bengtson
Neal Dieterle
Jenn Ford
Nancy Thompson

Clinical Trials Coordinator

Kristin Marshall

Oncology Liaison

Kelly Reed