Clinical Case Example

Solitaire had been living with her breeder since approximately 4 weeks of age and her breeder recognized that the pup was always “wet” along her back legs and perivulvar region.  Solitaire appears to be continuously dribbling urine, however she does urinate voluntarily as well. The breeder felt that the pup did not seem to be bothered by the incontinence. She was concerned about the strong “urine odor” and the risk of urine scald. Solitaire was seen by her referring veterinarian who suspected an ectopic ureter. She was treated with a 10 day course of Clavamox for a suspected urinary tract infection. She was also treated with a 7 day trial of phenylpropanolamine to treat urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence which did not seem to help with the incontinence. The degree of incontinence prevented Solitaire to be an acceptable indoor companion. Continue reading