Informations sur les Marches Agricoles par Cellulaire (IMAC)

In 2010, Project ABC developed a system to provide agricultural households in CRS’ intervention villages with access to market information via mobile phone. Using price data collected by SIMA (Système d’Information sur les Marchés Agricoles, or Agricutlural Market Information System), as well as from farmers collecting information in village markets, IMAC allows farmers to obtain access to timely producer and consumer prices for a variety of agricultural products on a timely basis. The system was designed using Frontline SMS.

How does IMAC Work?

To request price information via SMS, producers and consumers compose a SMS message with codes indicating the product, the market and the language (French, English, Zarma or Hausa) to the IMAC phone number.

What products are available via IMAC?Corn

  • peanuts
  • okra
  • corn
  • millet
  • beans
  • rice
  • sesame
  • sorghum
  • tiger nuts

Which languages are available?

  • Hausa
  • Zarma
  • French
  • English

MilletA farmer wanting to know the price (px) of millet (mi) in Bakin Birgi (bb) in French (f) would send the message “px mi bb f” to IMAC. The farmer would receive a response that gives the date, product, market, and the prices for consumers and producers for 2 different measures:
Date: 2010-06-01, Produit: Mil, Marché: Bakin Birgi | Sac: Prix Consommateur: 60, Prix Producteur: 50 |Tia: Prix Consommateur: 120, Prix Producteur: 100 |

For additional market codes:

IMAC Codes for Doutchi Markets

IMAC Codes for SIMA Markets

IMAC Codes for Zinder Markets

IMAC Training for Literacy Teachers

To disseminate the IMAC system, literacy teachers are taught how to use the IMAC system and must train other farmers within their village. In addition, posters including the codes necessary for the IMAC system are provided in each village. To learn more, see our IMAC training presentation.
IMAC Training Presentation (in French)

IMAC Market Prices

This section will include price graphs on a weekly basis in the next few weeks.