Project ABC uses cell phones as a learning tool for literacy trainings, complementing existing literacy materials and methodologies in Niger. Participants in the cell phone literacy program follow the same basic literacy training, but with four modifications: 1) participants are trained in how to use a cell phone; 2) as participants learn the alphabet and numbers (see picture of Hausa alphabet poster), they also learn where numbers and letters can be found on the mobile phone handset; 3) groups of literacy participants are provided with cell phones so that they can practice their skills via SMS. The primary local languages in Dosso and Zinder (Hausa, Zarma and Kanuri) use the Roman alphabet, are phonetic and do not use accents, so no modification of the handsets is required.
Literacy Lesson

Mobile Phone Literacy Handbook in Hausa

Mobile Phone Literacy Handbook in Zarma

Mobile Phone Village Poster Hausa

Mobile Phone Village Poster Zarma

Mobile Phone Literacy Training for ABC Teachers (in French)