Friday, 23 of June of 2017

The Observer, Fall 1969

Scans from The Observer from the Fall of 1969.

September 8: Tufts: neutral or engaged? – A printing of a speech by Tufts President Burton C. Hallowell on the function of the university. The editors preface the speech by asking for students and faculty to “read it carefully, placing it in their own perspectives of this university.”

September 12: ‘No current fad’ (1 and 2) – An interview with Fletcher Dean Edmund A. Gullion, sparked by concerns brought up by students regarding “Fletcher ties to the U.S.I.A. and the CIA” and “student participation in the determination of Fletcher policy.”

and The New Fraternity – A critique of freshman orientation. “Many freshmen actually went through their first week of college with no mention of Vietnam, of America’s political prisoners, of the devastation of the natural world by man.”

September 26: ‘Peace without Freedom:’ some thoughts – Text from a policy statement by the “Citizens Committee for Peace with Freedom in Vietnam,” made up of 130 individuals, one of which was Fletcher Dean Gullion. Phil Primack, editor, inserted his own comments throughout the text.

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