Saturday, 22 of July of 2017

Oral Histories

Oral history is the process of recording and preserving the recalled and recounted experiences of historical actors. The recollections are facilitated in an interview format, by an oral historian, whose job it is to encourage what can be called “memory performances”: a narrative summary elucidating the emotional and psychological associations of lived experience too often presented as separate in traditional historical scholarship. The process of performing the memory in conjunction with an oral historian’s direction, insight and encouragement can uncover historical realities not possible in written form, an enliven the historical moment in question through an accessibility that books can never achieve.

These oral histories were created by Tufts graduate students and undergraduates, interviewing both student and faculty participants and leaders of the “Freefer Hall” protests. The interviewees are: Alan Solomont, interviewed by graduate student in history Ian Greaves; Dan Coleman, interviewed by undergraduate Chase Gregory; Daniel Mulholland, interviewed by undergraduate Nikki Krieg; and Phil Primak, interviewed by undergraduate Chloe Tomlinson. More specific biographies can be found on their oral histories’ pages.

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Daniel Coleman

Phil Primack

Daniel Muholland

Alan Solomont

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