Welcome to the PSY 13 Class Blog

Welcome to the class blog for the Summer 2 2016 semester of PSY 13!

As you’ll hear more about when you watch the first lecture (and read the syllabus), one of the objectives for this course is for you to start thinking about the world around you in social psychological terms.  We’ll pursue this goal in a variety of ways: pondering psychological solutions to real-world problems, viewing various aspects of pop culture through a social psychological lens, and also via your own blogging (more details regarding your personal blog for PSY 13 to come during the second lecture of the semester).

This class blog will be yet another way in which we devote attention to how social psychological principles are playing themselves out in the world around us.  I also hope it will give us the opportunity for some instructor/student and student/student interaction that will otherwise feel missing given the on-line nature of the course.

So over the six weeks to come, be prepared to check this blog regularly.  Multiple times each week I’ll be posting news stories, youtube clips, and other useful examples for thinking about the concepts we’re studying in this course and for stimulating discussion among us.  You’re encouraged to comment on these posts (and on the comments of your fellow students). In fact, you’re required to comment on a post once per week, as well as to comment on the comment of one of your classmates once per week, but you’re encouraged to do so even more frequently as well. The same rules that apply to classroom discussion apply– please make sure to be respectful in responding to what other people have to say, even if you’d like to raise an opposing viewpoint.

You’re also encouraged to send me any stories, links, videos, or other interesting stuff that you find and think would make for good PSY 13-related conversation; I’d love to devote posts to materials that you identify and send along.  You can also submit your own original posts to the course blog as well. And who knows, you just might see some of the examples and information posted on this blog finding their way on to our exams in some capacity (hint, hint).

Again, welcome to PSY 13, and make sure to check back regularly!

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