Jewels, Hair and Accessories of the Middle Ages
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Plantagenet Crespine ( 1364-Late 14th century)

Wearing the hair in vertical braids continued to be in fashion throughout the Planagenet period. Headdresses like fig. 25 featured fillets made of silver and gold, set with jewels. False hair was probably used and the whole piece would simply be placed over the head.
The crespine led to more elaborate headdresses like fig. 26 and fig. 27, where narrow bands of metal, or wire, were made into a reticulated mesh which would sometimes be set with jewels at intervals.
Around 1370 a new style of veil appeared that followed the trend of face framing. Fig. 28 and 29 show a semi-circular veil with a front ruffle made of goffered or pleated linen. Sometimes the ruffle was enclosed in a jeweled net, like fig. 30.

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