Jewels, Hair and Accessories of the Middle Ages
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York (1460-1485): Butterfly and Hennin

Hennin- eventually the horns became so tall and vertical they merged into one tall horn. In England, the cone had a flat top and would not exceed a height of nine inches. Compared to the 2-3 feet of Continental styles, this was modest. Transparent veils were attached to the top, or draped, sometimes to the ground.
Butterfly- consisted of a cap which resembled an inverted flowerpot, set at an angle orginally resembling the hennin, and then eventually becoming completely horizontal. The veil arrangement was important and structural. Sometimes the veil was starched into it’s folds, but often it was supported by wires. The V-shape was desirable.

Both styles would sometimes feature a band of cloth, usually black, framed around the face. This front band would eventually become the hoods of the Tudor period.

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