Jewels, Hair and Accessories of the Middle Ages
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Why is hair important? 1. hair can be like clothing, malleable, changeable with dye, styling,¬†accessories, yet it grows from the body and is more organic. 2. hair surrounds the face, the most communicatively diverse area of the body, ie its the most socially visible. 3. In come cases gives biological information In the Middle Ages: […]

Men were put in a conundrum during the Middle Ages. If they grew their hair too long, they were put down for looking like women, but ¬†a series of edicts given in the years 1187-1220 aimed to seperate secular clothing styles from that of the clergy, who were now required to be unmarried and celibate. […]

Anglo-Saxon (600 - 1154): Simple Veils, Head-tires, Combs, and Pin

During this time the head was always covered with no hair showing, although it was usually braided elaborately underneath the veil. Veils– made of light-weight fabric like silk, cambric, or fine linen. They were usually rectangular lengths with a hole cut in the middle for putting the head through. Head-tires– circlets of gold that could […]