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Shreenath Bhanderi asked 4 years ago

Comments are a way for viewers of the site to leave their own thoughts underneath your posts. You can also interact with comments to generate discussion, answer questions, or to remove malicious content.

Comments can be controlled and regulated through the use of filters for language and content, and if you prefer, can also be hidden from the site until they are approved by you. 

When you click on the Comments menu option, you’ll be shown a list of all the comments on your site.

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 10.13.22 AM


At the top of the screen there are links that allow you filter the list to only show the comments that are Pending, Approved, Marked as Spam or that are in the Trash. When you hover over a comment on the lsit, several options will appear.

Unapprove/Approve – Allows you to unapprove the comment. This will stop it displaying on your site. If a comment is Unapproved, then you can use this to approve the comment.

Reply – Allows you to write a reply to the comment that will be visible to all viewers of the site

Quick Edit – Allows you to quickly edit the commenter’s Name, Email or URL as well as the actual comment

Edit – Allows you to edit the commenter’s Name, Email or URL as well as the actual comment. You can  also mark the comment as either Approved, Pending or Spam and change the Date and Time

Spam – Allows you to mark the comment as spam

Trash – Allows you to mark the comment as Trash. Once it’s in the Trash, you can either restore it if you made a mistake, or delete it permanently

If you would like to change the status of numerous Comments at once, click the checkboxes next to the Comment(s) you would like to change and then choose either Unapprove, Approve, Mark as Spam or Move to Trash from the Bulk Actions dropdown list at the top of the page. After selecting the appropriate option, click the Apply button.