Educational Outreach

There are several outreach initiatives within the CEEO that provide opportunities to improve K-12 education.

These initiatives include:

* Tufts STOMP: Pairing Tufts undergraduate and graduate students with Boston-area teachers to help integrate engineering into existing lesson plans

* STOMP Network: Collaborating with universities, industries, museums, and other nonprofits to found and sustain STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) education outreach programs

* LEGO Engineering Conferences: Bringing teachers together for full-day, hands-on STEM learning experiences to inspire the integration of project-based lessons in the classroom

History and Growth


The outreach division of the CEEO was established in 2001, with the founding of the Student Teacher Outreach Mentorship Program (STOMP), which has grown from 5 undergraduate engineering students mentoring in 2 schools in 2001 to 40 students mentoring in nearly 20 schools in 2009. As the Tufts program grew, other universities and industries adopted the STOMP model, establishing a STOMP Network, which is centralized online at You can also click here to visit the Tufts University STOMP website.

LEGO Engineering Conferences

In 2006, Lego education partnered with the CEEO to establish LEGO Engineering Conferences. These are ideal for educators interested in immersing themselves in one-day, hands-on STEM workshops, facilitated by CEEO personnel and using LEGO Education robotics materials. Many organizations have hosted these conferences throughout the world, generating interest by local educators in STEM education. In 2008, 25 LEGO Engineering Conferences were held in locations ranging from Arizona to Australia and Japan.

For more information on LEGO Engineering Conferences please visit the Conferences and Symposiums page.