RAS Benefits


RAS will provide a central repository for data associated with the entire grant proposal process from development to submission and reporting. The system will facilitate the submission of research proposals to multiple funding sources. Data will be secure and accurate with advanced technology and data validations. RAS will have the ability to connect directly with systems of records such as those for HR, Finance, and Tufts Data Warehouse to reduce errors and redundancy.

RAS facilitates the submission of funding proposals by:

  • Improving proposal quality (pre-populated data fields, data validation)
  • Providing a mechanism for researchers to work on proposals collaboratively
  • Efficiently routing proposals electronically, with the ability to add approvers specific to certain conditions
  • Data validation to ensure proposals are in required format, eliminating risk of proposal rejection
  • Seamless system-to-system (S2S) submission to Grants.gov
  • Storing research proposals for future submissions and reporting

Other benefits:

  • No longer a manual process
  • Faculty will be more efficient and can submit more proposals to multiple funding sources
  • Ability to transfer data from systems of record (HR, Finance, Data Warehouse), reducing redundancy and errors
  • Create a central repository for data (access to data and one site for maintenance of these data)
  • Eliminate shadow systems used by schools and departments
  • Ability to easily add new fields to accommodate new reporting requirements
  • Data are moved away from unstable and unsecure technology



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