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  • To include your Modular Budget, check the “Include” box for the modular budget, but not the other budget boxes. (Additionally, you will need to set up a Modular Budget in the Budget document when you get to the Budget panel. When you click to Add a budget, there will be a pop up box with a radio button for Modular. Select Yes before creating the budget. (If you forget to do this, you can also control the modular flag through Budget Settings). See S2S Opportunity Forms job aid for additional detail.

  • Yes, a blank page in the PDF Preview is not significant in the submission via S2S since it is the data (XML) and not the physical pages that get transmitted to

  • There are two places to list the organization for your subcontractor/subaward:
    1) In the Proposal document's Organization & Location panel under "Other Organizations." This is where the address data, including the DUNS number, of the subaward organization is stored.
    2) In the Budget document's Subaward panel. When you either upload the subaward PDF or manually enter the subaward, you should select the applicable organization to enter in the Organization field.
    NOTE: If the organization you need is not available via search, request its addition to the database through your ORA contact.

  • This field is optional but should select solicited when it’s a Federal grant and unsolicited when it’s a corporate grant or when Tufts outreaches a company to work on a specific project.

  • The dept ID showing in RAS comes from LDAP (Tufts white pages) which is the department the PI is assigned to.  When creating your proposal, select the department within which the proposal (and award) will be administered. This doesn’t affect the proposal’s lead unit, which can be selected independently when the proposal is created.

  • No they do not unless the parent proposal manually assigns these children proposals access through the Access panel.   Although the lead child proposal that created the parent can see the parent proposal since both proposals have the same aggregator (creator of the proposal) that created both the lead child and the parent, so the aggregator can naturally see both records.

  • Yes. RAS (including the PI certification screen) is accessible via mobile device (e.g., iphone, android, tablet).

  • You do not need to select Subaward budget from the S2S Opportunity Search panel unless you are including the subaward budget as a form/attachment in User Attached Forms. If you are uploading it or manually entering the amounts to include within the Budget document itself, it will already be included in the Detailed (and/or associated Modular) budget.

  • Yes, you can delete a Person from the Budget document, even if s/he is listed as a Key Person on the proposal side. This is appropriate if the individual requires no separate Personnel budget, such as when s/he is covered by the subaward upload or entry in the Subaward panel. The costs will be itemized in any uploaded budget form, but will be found in the Non-Personnel section of the budget detail summary as part of the overall Subcon- costs.

  • Subaward amounts are uploaded using the appropriate package forms associated with your selected opportunity or by manual entry in the Subaward panel of the RAS Budget document. See Subaward job aids for further detail on both processes. Once uploaded, the subaward amounts will automatically be drawn into the appropriate line item codes within the Non-Personnel Costs panel. They will also automatically factor into the Modular panel calculations if/when a modular budget is synced.

  • Yes. All fields within RAS Proposal Development are editable until the routing is initiated -- at which time only select areas (such as the Attachments panel for Science pieces) are editable for replacing draft documents. Only the Lead Unit (department) field is not editable after proposal creation, since it controls all the rates and institutional information for the proposal. If you need to update the Lead Unit, you will need to Copy the proposal and its data selecting a different Lead Unit in the copy window.

    For the Budget, the order of entry is somewhat important, because the Autocalculate Periods function that draws Period 1 costs across all future periods is only available to the user ONCE (though individual items can always be carried across periods or manually deleted, even after this action). A good rule of thumb is to FIRST enter line item costs for Period 1 that will carry across periods and THEN click Autocalculate Periods at the top of the screen to fill in the remaining periods. Wait until after this function is run to add Subawards (which usually cover multiple periods) and single period costs. See Autocalculate Future Periods job aid.

  • This panel is for documenting compliance protocols surrounding things like human subjects, animal use, toxic/hazardous materials, etc. See Compliance Types job aid.

  • Attachments is a panel within Proposal Development available for us against all sponsors and opportunity types. User Attached Forms is only available for S2S Opportunities (since it's nested within the S2S Opportunity Search panel). Attachments that are referenced in the application's forms but get appended to the application as standalone documents go under Attachments. forms (check to make sure you are using the latest version for your opportunity) that contain form-field data get uploaded to User Attached Forms and marked 'Include' in the Forms tab so that the receiving system can easily extract the data directly out of the PDF.

  • The Performing Organization is the primary performance site or performing school for the project at Tufts. Any collaborating schools or secondary Tufts locations/sites would be documented under Performance Site Location, but that tab does not require data. However, they are both used to house internal/Tufts locations. Other Organizations is used for any external organizations, including any Subcontractors on the proposal. And Applicant Organization is not editable and defaults to the linked institutional information (Tufts) for the proposal's assigned Lead Unit.

  • Make sure you only add individuals from the subcontract who are legitimately 'Key Persons' for the submitted proposal. Go into the Key Personnel panel and click Add Key Person. Once you select the person you want to add. If you don't find a non-employee in your initial search, you'll have to first:

    1. Add New Address Book
    2. Enter anything in the Description field (e.g. ‘new address’)
    3. Enter the remaining contact details and save
    4. Then search for that person

    Once you select your contact, you will be presented with a selection of roles to give to that person. You’ll pick either Co-I or PI/Multiple for the sub PI (depending on how you classify their role in the application and the opportunity type) and Key Person for any other key contributor, specifying their actual role in the associated free-text field.



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