Note from the Vice Provost for Research

To: All Faculty, Students and Staff on All Campuses
From: Diane L. Souvaine, Vice Provost for Research
Re: Kuali Coeus Project: Implementing a New Research Administration System for Tufts
Date: August 6, 2013

dianesouvaineGrants management impacts the entire Tufts research community, involving faculty, staff and administration on all three campuses, and spanning the process of acquiring extramural funding from proposal submission to award administration.

To facilitate this process and make it easier for faculty and staff to submit, manage and administer awards, Tufts University has selected an electronic Research Administration System (RAS) called Kuali Coeus. This new RAS will allow more seamless collaboration among the various parts of the research communities at Tufts, including the administration and tracking of awards, a workflow mechanism for incorporating contributions from departments such as Finance and Human Resources, and the capacity to integrate with a reporting tool.

Importantly, the electronic RAS will reduce the administrative burden for faculty and for department administrators, thus allowing faculty to focus on their research enterprise. These features include:

  • More efficient proposal tracking processes, thus reducing the burden on faculty and department administrators.
  • Pre-population of data from the proposal record to the award record, thus eliminating the need to retype this information.
  • Data validation to ensure proposals are in the required format, thus reducing the risk of proposal rejection by the funding agency.
  • Data transfer from systems of record (Human Resources, Finance, Data Warehouse), thus reducing redundancy and errors and allowing for more detailed reports.
  • A flexible platform that will allow Tufts to respond to the growing and changing needs of the research community through additional modules and the ability to interface with other Tufts systems.

We will continue to provide high quality services to the faculty and staff and to support research while protecting the University’s interests and assuring that Tufts is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. This new RAS will allow us not only to meet these goals, but also to help the research community across Tufts to focus on improving and expanding our already world-class research programs.

Through newsletters and regular updates to our project website, we will keep the Tufts community informed regularly on our progress toward full implementation of the electronic RAS. We welcome your input and strongly encourage you to provide feedback through our website.

We greatly appreciate your support and patience as we implement Kuali Coeus at Tufts, and we look forward to continuing to improve our support of the Tufts research community.


Diane L. Souvaine


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