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dadangsupartman asked 5 months ago

Talking about combat equipment every day it seems like you want to improve your combat gear. Still confused about what is a combat device? Yapz really means what I mean is desktop PCs and laptops. Streaming Yalla Shoot Of the two types of devices that are in great demand are desktop PCs. Of course it’s natural, because after all the good specifications of the laptop are still lacking in performance and durability with a desktop PC.
The advantages of laptops are very simple that can be carried everywhere, but the weakness of laptops often occurs hardware problems, maybe the specifications offered are not yet qualified to do daily work except just typing and browsing, but laptops are very vulnerable to hot temperatures Watch Live Football Match Today both play Games HD or just running graphic design software. It’s very different from a PC that can be used for HD editing and games, obviously stronger and more powerful.
But if we take into account, desktop PCs have far-reaching specifications compared to laptops. Because the laptop itself, which I know, has an average processor speed below 2.5 Ghz, that’s even rare with a 2.5GHz speed. but when compared to a desktop PC that has a processor speed of 2.5 Ghz – 4 Ghz. Maybe 2.5 Ghz we rarely encounter because it’s too outdated with that speed but it’s still far above the laptop. And in terms of price I think it is more expensive than a desktop PC not to mention preparing the LCD.



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