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Berkah Ku asked 7 months ago

These studies are further studies of previous studies. Previous research discussed the learning model, system design before implementing it into learning applications in web-based kindergarten. Yalla Shoot Streaming To be applied, the researcher must continue this research by implementing it into a programming language. The learning process is one of the processes of educating the nation by the government to serve the community in various ways, one of which is by utilizing information technology and telecommunications.
The development of information technology and telecommunications has developed so rapidly. One of the most obvious impacts is in learning activities. The teacher as one part of academics has an important role in creating a learning culture that is skilled, practical and capable of following market changes. learning material is one tool for academic activities to carry out the teaching and learning process.
Therefore, researchers will create learning applications that can be accessed by parents and teachers. then in this study researchers will create a web-based learning application using the Knowledge Management System by applying it to a programming language so that it will facilitate the teacher in managing learning data. To apply it to the learning application, the researcher uses the PHP programming language. And the result is an application of learning information systems for web-based kindergarten.



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