DWQA QuestionsCategory: RAS Data PanelsWhat attachments/documentation are different now that we are using RAS?
fani lustiany asked 1 year ago

Users should continue to attach the same types of documentation that you would have provided prior to RAS implementation. The_ only exceptions to this are the Internal Sponsored Coordination Form (this is now covered completely by the data screens in RAS and routing process) and the primary budget document and/or any subaward budget forms (these now get entered in the system’s Budget panel).
All other attachment types (whether they are requirements of the opportunity or internally required documents to Tufts) get uploaded in either the Attachments Panel or User Attached Forms. Please see job aids on Attachments and User Attached Forms to review various attachment categories, and Business/Science Required Data for an overview of specific document types that count as either business or project science attachments. asam lambung



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