The makings of my first website

I’ve been spending a lot of time on Google Waves recently. My friends and I are using it to study for a midterm and I find it mostly intuitive and pretty well designed, but far from perfect.

Features I find intuitive:

-The box set up, with a customizable layout. You can choose what boxes you want to see, can minimize or get rid of ones you don’t and they are rearrangable. It is completely customizable to one’s needs. Equally important, it is clear to me that you are able to do this because of the box design. The boxes look like they are floating and are consistent with other websites and applications that use the floating box set up and let you customize arrangement.

-The text tools are mostly consistent with those in microsoft word or pages.

-The menu is consistent with an email interface. In fact the over all interface is a cross between gmail, google docs, and microsoft word, all applications that most people use (certainly that I use) and therefore the information gap was pretty small

Features I found confusing:

-The menu bar for the inbox box was a little confusing. What does it mean to “unfollow”? Why don’t they just use “delete” like an email? Why is there a button to read the wave when all you have to do is click on it to read it? Is this something different? Similarly, what does it mean to follow a wave; aren’t I already following it?

I really like the collage-y cut-out feel of this image. It's taken from the nickelodeon website and I'm going to try to make most of my images fit into this styl

I actually got my first inspiration for the some of the look and feel I want this site to have when I was taking an online sexual abuse training course for  a summer job. The whole thing was animated and collage-y and very well done. Unfortunately I can no longer view it, but I found some other images that I think capture the same aesthetic.
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