Reinventing Peace is the World Peace Foundation‘s blog.

In 2011, the World Peace Foundation established a program at the Fletcher School at Tufts University, under Executive Director Alex de Waal.  In line with the educational and practical vision of its founder, today the Foundation aims to provide intellectual leadership on issues of peace, justice and security. We believe that innovative research and teaching are critical to the challenges of making peace around the world, and should go hand in hand with advocacy and practical engagement with the toughest issues. As the Foundation enters its second century, our underlying theme is reinventing peace for the globalizing world.


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  1. Donna Perry says:

    I would like to suggest 5 minutes of world peace. A 5 minute pause for reflection world wide could be extraordinary. With YouTube and other social media a date and time could be planned for everyone to participate.

  2. I am working as a global peace programs. Last season I tried to climb top of the world Mt. Everest with caring 193 counties National flags. So I would like to work as join venture.

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