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My main points are that peace needs money. More particularly, the way in which peace is financed determines the nature of that peace. Sustainable peace requires the right kind of money. I am not talking about financing peace processes—which are invariably good value for money, even if the day-to-day expenses of hosting delegates in hotels might appear to be extravagant—but rather the financing of the post-peace dispensation.

There has been much attention to how natural resources can be a curse rather than a blessing, and can drive conflict. There is less attention on how rental revenues, including natural resources along with aid and security cooperation rents, shape the prospects for peace. Nonetheless, there is a certain model for peacemaking that has become dominant in Africa, and that model has built-in assumptions about the nature of how peace will be financed.

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Food for Peace

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Can the food that you consume lead to the realization of worldwide peace? Dr. Will Tuttle’s World Peace Diet asserts that the answer is “yes.” Together with his wife Madeleine, Dr. Tuttle is on a mission to veganize North America and the world. According to Tuttle, switching to a plant-based diet is the first […]

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