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The fact that civilians are suffering from violence in Syria is undisputed. Beyond that, it is hard to know what is fact, and what is constructed from a familiar narrative of a “responsibility to protect” civilians faced with the threat of atrocity.

The “R2P” narrative follows a familiar plotline: bad government continues offensives designed to [...]

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In his Foreign Policy article, “The World’s Worst Human Rights Observer,” David Kenner argues that the Sudanese member of  the Arab League mission to Syria, General al-Dabi,  is “the unlikeliest leader of a humanitarian mission the world has ever seen.”

Kenner quotes Alex de Waal  on Dabi’s support of the janjaweed militia in Darfur, [...]

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In an article on December 28, 2011, Guardian journalist Julian Borger quotes Alex de Waal  on Sudan’s member of the Arab League mission to Syria, General al-Dabi :

Many were arrested during his tenure and the Darfur rebels say that his stint in the area was the beginning of the organisation of the Janjaweed. Dabi [...]

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