A Note from the Vice Provost for Research

Diane Souvaine Welcome to the new OVPR Research News at Tufts! This will continue the mission of the original Research News at Tufts, which has brought conversations with researchers and information on research-related topics to the Tufts community for over a decade. The Researchers articles provide background on new members of Tufts faculty as well as on a researcher at one of our affiliated hospitals. These articles also provide information on their current research projects and areas for potential collaboration. The Core Facilities/Centers articles offer information from the directors of these Tufts resources. The Events section provides news from recent research-related campus events.

Inside-the-OVPR articles provide office updates: tech transfer information in Office for Technology Licensing and Industry Collaboration, grant writing information in Office of Proposal Development, and news on human subject research in Institutional Review Board articles. Funded Research lists recent projects awarded funding and Issued U.S. Patents lists recently awarded patents. The short “DID YOU KNOW?” facts bring you up to date on what the OVPR has to offer, and the Archives section contains articles from past Research News at Tufts issues.

Research News at Tufts is part of the continuing effort of the provost’s office to foster an environment that supports and encourages research and collaboration. Other initiatives include Research Days and the seed grant programs Tufts Collaborates! and Technology Access Grants.  

Diane L. Souvaine
Vice Provost for Research

Featured Researchers

Designer Membranes

Ayse AsatekinAyse Asatekin builds novel membranes to solve two very important problems—how to purify water and how to purify chemicals—and to do so in a sustainable way. Read more »

Functions of the Synaptic Cleft—How Neurons Communicate

Thomas BiedererThomas Biederer studies how neurons form synapses with each other. Read more »

Ups and Downs of Sea-Level Research

Andrew KempAndy Kemp uses a variety of geological techniques to investigate how sea level changed in the past, particularly over the last 2,000 years, and to learn about what might happen in the future. Read more »

Visualizing Molecular Structures and Dynamics

Yu-Shan Lin

Yu-Shan Lin uses advanced chemical theory with parallel computing and graphics processing to model and simulate the structures and functions of biomolecules. Read more »

Understanding Tuberculosis


Gillian Beamer works on tuberculosis (TB) and the bacterial pathogen that causes it, Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Read more »


The New Research Administration System

RAS will enable researchers and their support staff to access funding information and use it to create new proposals within the system. Read more »

Grant Proposals Require Concise Writing

Most grant proposals have strict page limits that require concise writing. OPD developed writing tips to assist faculty in making the most of their limited pages. Read more »

New Tufts Tech Transfer Internship Program

In 2013 the OTL&IC began offering an internship program for Tufts graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. Read more »

What’s It Like To Be an IRB Member?

It’s “interesting,” “challenging,” “an important service to the community of scholars,” and “a serious time commitment.” Read more »

Using Pubmed Central to Create Citations

The Office of Research Administration (ORA) breaks down the NIH Public Access Policy and offers PubMed Central pro tips to submit manuscripts and generate citations. Read more »

Core Facilities & Featured Tufts Events

The Phoenix Laboratory

The Phoenix Laboratory is all about bacteria—identifying them in ecological communities, growing them, and using them as factories to generate large amounts of specific proteins, DNA, and other components. Read more »

Research Day on Tufts Innovation Institute

TII is a new research initiative broadly focused on microbes, including their use in improving the environment and the human condition, and on innovative ways in which infectious diseases can be prevented and treated. Read more »

Tufts Collaborates! Symposium

In December, the OVPR hosted a symposium to showcase the Tufts Collaborates! seed grant program and the wide range of collaborators involved.
Read more »

Lewis-Burke Associates Visits Tufts Campuses

In December, the OVPR organized a three-day visit by Lewis-Burke Associates LLC to the Tufts campuses. Read more »